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Hints for selling college textbooks to get cash 4 books in Carpentersville IL:

1) Determine Which Used Books and Old Textbooks to Sell Back for Cash:

Put all your old textbooks to sell in a stack – never underestimate the cash price of your used books. Even if you think that no book buy back sites want to buy an old edition of your calculus textbook.

2) Create an ISBN Book Buy Back List:

When you selling old school books most book buyback websites use the International Standard Book Number (ISBN). Create the list on your computer as most buyback websites allow you to paste in a list of multiple ISBNs. The ISBN is usually on your school book’s back cover or copyright page. Keep the books in the same order as your ISBN book buy back list so it easier for you to keep track of the books once you see book buy back prices.

***If your used school book has a white sticker over the ISBN on the back cover, double check that ISBN against the ISBN on the copyright page because often bookstores mislabel books***

3) Selling Back Textbooks Online:

Finding the best place to sell textbooks for cash is easy because many textbook buyers want to buy your used school books. Enter the ISBN into the search box above on to have us quickly search for the best book buyback websites. We show you user ratings and BBB grades for buyback companies so you can sell textbooks for the highest cash price in Carpentersville.

4) When Selling College Textbooks for Cash – Pack Your Books Carefully:

When selling books, realize they are like cash. Use a strong box and put packing material in the empty spots so your textbook does not slide around. Try and find a box that fits your used books as closely as possible. Don’t use packing peanuts.

4) Ship Your Used Books from Carpentersville IL:

After we show you where to sell back used books, prepare them for shipment based on the instructions given by each book buy back company. Normally, they will provide free shipping and a packing list. Once the used books are boxed take them to the post office for shipment or have UPS or FedEx pick them up if the book buyback website uses those services.

5) Get Cash 4 Books:

Once the books arrive the used book buyer will process your package and send your cash via PayPal or check. It can take 5 to 15 business days for your order to arrive, and most companies will issue payment within 10 business days of receiving your order.

Sell back textbooks online for cash in Carpentersville IL

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